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Los Angeles Tortious Interference Lawyer

California Business Tort Attorney

If a competitor, former employee or other party is attempting to interfere with your business's contractual relationships or general reputation, you may be entitled to an injunction or money damages. An experienced business tort lawyer can help you identify and pursue your options.

I am David Glubok, a Los Angeles tortious interference attorney serving clients throughout Southern California. If your business's relationships are under attack, or if you have been targeted in a tortious interference lawsuit, I can help you protect your interests.

Putting a Stop to Illegal and Damaging Conduct

In the process of competing, it is natural for businesses to attempt to gain advantages over each other. Certain particularly overzealous types of competition, however, are considered under California law to constitute tortious interference with a prospective business advantage.

If someone has induced another party to break a contract with your business or otherwise discontinue a business relationship, you may have a tortious interference claim.

These claims are highly individualized and fact-specific. Based on my many years of experience litigating cases in this area, I will carefully evaluate the facts of your case, advise you as to whether you have a claim, and pursue your chosen course of action in a cost-efficient manner.

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