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Los Angeles Business Litigation Lawyer

California Real Estate Litigation Attorney

If you are involved in a legal conflict, you need a lawyer who will take the time to listen to your concerns, understand the facts of your case, strategically plan out a course of action aimed at your desired outcome, and diligently pursue that outcome through all available avenues.

I am Los Angeles business litigation attorney David Glubok. Since 1978, I have dedicated my legal practice to the litigation of high-stakes matters on behalf of businesses and individuals. I am committed to providing my clients with honest, straightforward, aggressive and persistent representation.

A Record of Success and Reputation for Excellence

Over the years, I have built up strong relationships with many satisfied clients. While most of my clients are small and medium-sized businesses, I have also represented a number of major multinational corporations, as well as individuals.

I place a high level of importance on communicating with my clients and educating them about the law so they can understand their options, the relative benefits of those options and the processes involved in pursuing them.

Areas of Focus

Some transactional attorneys only occasionally litigate cases. My practice is focused on litigation, including:

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Practice Areas

About David

  • "David is my go-to attorney for litigation matters involving my clients. I have partnered with David on several probate litigation matters, and have always found him to be smart, thorough, and tenacious when it comes to pursuing our client's case. In addition, he's exceedingly ethical and responsive to client concerns. David is one great attorney."
    — Christopher Bradford, Esq.
  • "I have worked with attorney David Glubok for over thirteen years and during that time have come to know him as an exceptional trial attorney and strategist. From day one he approaches a case with the ultimate goal in mind — persuading the jury — a seemingly obvious goal too often overlooked by lawyers caught up in the daily grind of litigation. David's fearless advocacy, relentless attention to detail and often unique approach repeatedly translate into excellent results for his clients. Any client would be fortunate to have David as their advocate."
    — Elizabeth Bradley, Esq.
  • "David is a talented and tireless advocate for his clients. I have had the opportunity to work closely with David on several complex cases over the years. He combines decades of experience with a calm persistence until he achieves a positive result for his clients. David emphasizes strategic representation to achieve his clients' goals and, more often than not, outthinks his opponents. David is an intelligent professional who inspires admiration from co-counsel and opposing counsel alike. He is exactly the kind of lawyer I would want to hire if I or a loved one ever needed help."
    — James M. Eisenman, Esq.
  • "David recently represented our family in a fairly complex real estate litigation matter which took over twelve months to adjudicate. By focusing on the facts and being relentlessly attuned to even the smallest details, he succeeded in helping us secure a complete legal victory. He consistently took the high road in his approach, which was our strategy from day one. His character and work ethic are beyond reproach and we would not hesitate to utilize his considerable expertise again."
    — from a client in Los Angeles, California
  • "Mr. Glubok has represented me on a variety of matters. He is conscientious, extremely thorough and resourceful, providing successful results every time. His good-guy personality and prodigious work ethic have helped to avoid acrimonious negotiations and resulted in favorable settlements, all without the need for a trial. His ability to "out produce" a large law firm, demonstrates his intense focus and concern for his clients' success. He is a great attorney to work with, whom I cannot recommend highly enough."
    — from a client in Los Angeles, California
  • "By virtue of his superb instincts and breadth of experience in a wide variety of legal matters, David is one of the most capable and accomplished attorneys I know. David's skill and experience, as well as his ability to discern the best strategy in any given case, invariably lead to a positive result for his clients. He is passionate about his cases, while always careful to ensure that a lawsuit does not become a "run-away train" situation. Having known and worked with David for a number of years, I can wholeheartedly say that the integrity of his work is impeccable, as is his character."
    — Pamela Bille, Esq.
  • "My practice area is similar to David's. When I have a tough or unique question or seek the wisdom of an experienced and talented practitioner, David is the go-to-guy. David's experience, technical expertise and creative approach allows him to aggressively, economically and efficiently achieve excellent results for his clients. I can not recommend him highly enough."
    — Richard A. Kolber, Esq.
  • "I have known David Glubok, as a friend, and his legal work, as an attorney, continuously, since the late 1980's. David is that rare lawyer who can take what others would see as complex and make it clear and easily digestible, while (often cleverly) stating his client's case effectively, persuasively, economically and with good, old-fashioned common sense. I had the pleasure of having David represent me in a case in the 90's, and I was sincerely impressed with his writing, his research, and his analysis. I would, without hesitation, recommend David. I value highly David's legal opinions, issue-spotting abilities, strategic sense and other fine lawyering capabilities."
    — David S. White, Esq.